001 Manfred Werder - 20071
002 Mitsuteru Takeuchi and Manfred Werder (out of stock)
003 Mitsuteru Takeuchi
004 Mitsuteru Takeuchi
00? Jarrod Fowler - ...
005 Kieran Daly - Results
006 Klaus Filip. Radu Malfatti. Nikos Veliotis. Mitsuteru Takeuchi (out of stock)
007 Manfred Werder - 2 ausführende seiten 392-406 (out of stock)
008 Mitsuteru Takeuchi
009 Kieran Daly - BGM MNAR

Mitsuteru Takeuchi: 々, recording and playback, musical score
Stefan Thut: innen raum 1-20, equinox, solstice, imprints 2, imprints 4
Sam Sfirri: to restore silence is the role of objects, of mental arithmetic, that's it reminisce, solo
Kara Feely: let...be, oh that's a shame
Travis Just: chain
Tim Parkinson: melodica and percussion, drum piece
James Saunders: locations that are important to other people

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